Blueberry Cashew Kulfi

Kulfi is a frozen dessert combining milk with spices and fruit pulp. Similar to ice cream, but a little denser, the difference – kulfi is not whipped. I hope you enjoy my simple 5 ingredient kulfi, packed with yummy flavors and anti-oxidant goodness.

A city invaded, demolished and built over at least 7 times, my home town of Delhi is proud to call herself a survivor. She has risen from the ashes, dusted herself and gone about her business of housing her population of approx 19 million humans, not counting, other creatures. In the process of being invaded, she also opened herself up. By not only warmly welcoming her invaders, but by also fusing their foods and cultures into her womb. (Note: in the language of Hindi, Delhi is feminine 🙂 )

When the moguls stood surveying the captured beautiful city of Delhi, they realized that there was only one thing to do to beat the sultry heat of Delhi. Taking the land’s dense evaporated milk, they poured it into conical molds, and kulfi was born.

Ensconced in the cool high ceiling housing built during the British raj, watching the kulfi wallah push his wooden cart was the only way you could cajole this kid out in the summer heat. Sometimes a kulfi wallah with lesser income would come bearing his kulfi in an earthen pot balanced on his head. Laying his pot down carefully he’d rummage about in the ice to get just the flavor requested. Richer by a few rupees, he would leave, while we were richest, taking our time to slowly slurp our way.

You need
1 cup blueberries (friends from the Indian subcontinent, please sub jamun)
¼ cup cashews soaked in water for ½ hour
½ cup oat milk (use any milk of choice for liquid)
1 tbsp sugar
Small squeeze fresh lime
Puree blueberries with drained cashews, oat milk, sugar & lime. Pour into moulds & freeze overnight.

Next day, run hot water over mould. Kulfi is best enjoyed on a hot summer’s day, sitting in the shade of a tree, and reading your favorite book.

In the vegan version that I attempted, no milk is used. The fruit of choice is blueberry, for my Indian friends might I suggest jamun as an awesome alternative for a similar anti-oxidant punch.
Did you enjoy my take on kulfi, I hope you get to try it.
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  1. Mohideen Ibramsha says:

    Email addresses for Charu not working. was not recognized failed to deliver after multiple tries.
    Kindly restore email contact

    1. CharuYoga says:

      hello Uncle, the email address has now been changed, its great to hear from you. hope all’s well at home. kind regards, charu

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