Success Stories

Hi, Welcome to CharuYoga. I’m a health & life Coach who helps others land their dream job, manage weight, reduce blood sugar & cholesterol. I do this through sharing yoga, meditation and mindful coaching practices as well as plant based nutrition tips.

“I want to thank Charu, my guiding light who helped me when I was trying to land work!“Charu helped me relax my brain to bring greater focus to my health. She helped me lose 10 kg in 3 months & reduce my dependence on insulin!
Dr. V. Dave, DentistRama, Japanese Translator

I’ve always done well academically, but faced challenges when I moved to Canada from the US. I had a hard time finding a job and during that phase I understood I had started doubting even the silliest things! doubting whether I would ever land work. I was not able to stay determined and I had no routine. Charu helped me to get into a routine and coached me every week for 12 weeks where she provided anchoring techniques & useful pointers to stay on track & believe in myself. Within 10 weeks of starting the program with her, I was able to land not 1 but 2 job offers from reputable organizations. I’m so glad I found Charu, who helped me align my focus and find the meaning of self care and the importance of routine! She started me slow with realizing the importance of cooking at home. I had just moved country and I was getting overwhelmed with not being able to organize myself and organize my home. Some days I didn’t work at all and some days I overworked and exhausted myself. She helped me understand this pattern of mine and take on little chunks at a time and set targets for each day. So, I was able to get things done and maintain my sanity at the same time. I felt more accomplished at the end of the day. I also wanted to lose weight. I knew what to do but I did not understand how to maintain consistency. Charu motivated me to start cooking small meals at home and incorporate daily physical activity. In no time I lost my craving to eat outside and wanted to cook more meals at home. I started walking everyday and I do it till date. I started loosing weight and achieved my target of losing 4 pounds. I have new found respect for creating a lifestyle that is wholesome in terms of spirituality and everyday pleasures!”
I came to Charu for help with my weight management and diabetes. I didn’t expect any results as I am extremely overweight and struggle with diabetes as well. When I started the program I found myself getting inspired and motivated to follow through. This has always been a problem for me as I can’t find the motivation to stay on my health program, I found the perfect accountability partner in Charu. Not only does she motivate me to stay on track, but she also provided me with healthy, nutritious & tasty meal plans that are easy to incorporate without busting your bank balance. I would highly recommend Charu if you are looking for help with weight management & pretty much anything, She’s a committed, caring and strong coach who will guide you on the path to discover ways within yourself to keep up the motivation.
Dr. V. Dave, DentistRama, Japanese Translator


Yoga – 12 sessions series
You will learn breath-work, body work, asanas, guided relaxation and meditation to help activate the parasympathetic nervous system. This system activates the rest and relaxation component of the body and mind and allows for deeper focus, greater calm! I have designed the body work poses to strengthen the muscles and stretch out and reduce toxins.


one-off sessions for times when you need support & accountability to move from a challenge into action


program, guaranteed to provide break throughs.