Class Policy

Class Etiquette

  • Wear comfortable stretchy clothes that is climate appropriate.
  • Try to join class on time, if joining the class late – remember to mute yourself so that other participants are not disturbed. But remember – better late than never in class.
  • Please follow the instructor’s instructions. Do not work any postures(asanas) on your own. The instructor is trained, qualified and experienced and will adjust the postures to your needs. Follow the instructor’s advice when they suggest a prop, an accessory or a different position/ asana / posture than what you may be used to.
  • Stop at the first threshold of pain, don’t push a pose beyond that. Listen to your body’s cues. Pushing to pain is not helpful & can cause injury. While yoga is a mind body activity, its also very powerful & we want to invite flexibility by being gentle.
  • Try to keep with the rhythm of the class. Sangha or community is a big part of group classes and we’re trying to march to the same rhythm to workout together in the same field of consciousness.
  • If doing a makeup class, reach out the instructor in advance to get confirmation prior to attending the makeup class.
  • Schedule your meal times at least 2 hours before yoga if you’re planning to eat before class.
  • Leave your socks and shoes on the mat. Yoga is practiced barefoot.
  • Keep a blanket/scarf, water, socks handy.
  • If you have practiced yoga elsewhere or a different style of yoga, you will enjoy how what you have learned gets more informed.


Participants will be provided a one time only make up class as a courtesy . The instructor will work with the participant to find a slot in the schedule. Further missed classes will not be offered a makeup.

In health, wealth and abundance