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Come alive, mind, body and soul with yoga asanas to make the body strong and pain free, the mind, steady and clear and the spirit free and connected with breath.

Yoga 12 -week Live Series On Zoom

Dear Friend

Welcome to Spring!

I’m excited to offer you a new series on Sundays at 8-9:15 PM EST to accommodate all. Class starts on 24 April-24 July.

Fee is $240 USD or $300 CAD for the series. Canadian participants can send an interac to US participants, pl. use this link for payment. If you are joining midway, let me know & we will adjust the course fee accordingly. I will send you the zoom link once I have confirmation on your registration.

This is a thematic course that builds into a complete sequence of yoga poses. Every class we will tackle a different theme. I will provide various options for modifying each posture to accommodate the particular needs of your body and person. Registration includes a weekly home practice guide that you will receive via email after class.

Here is the class schedule.


Over the course of twelve 75-minute sessions we will explore the following:

 · Flow into strength and flexibility with gentle asanas

·        Breathe life into your body with breathwork

·        Practice self awareness & expansion in final relaxation

·        Set intention for the class to take with you into your daily life

·        Build a new baseline for your wellbeing that creates a positive impact on those around you.

·        Quiet mind to become aware of body signals & the nature of your unique body’s thresholds

·        Build deep states of rest and recovery after intense work from home experiences where work & life lines have become blurred

·        Experience the original purpose of yoga to cultivate awareness, self-regulation and higher consciousness in the individual

·        Participants have reported experiencing recovery from insomnia after these sessions as well as reduced inflammation and pain and increased mobility

Here are some testimonials from students.

  • I sleep so well after Sunday class, 
  • I didn’t realize how the time flew 
  • nice class! I liked the back stretch
  • I was able to do the cobra pose better today
  • The class goes so quickly. It’s always such a nice experience
  • Good class, feeling stronger with every class. and tonight with the back work feel all stretched out.
  • ‘I had cramps before class & after final relaxation they were gone’
  • ‘I wasn’t comfortable with sun salutation, but after today I feel stronger & more capable of tackling it’
  • ‘I loved the standing strength flow sequence


I’ve attended various yoga and meditation classes and experiences in the last several years, and your class was by far the one in which I felt the most comfortable. The focus on not *just* the poses but also breathing and resting was valuable to me. So many classes skip those steps. I also greatly appreciated your attention to explaining the details of even very small movements and your descriptions of the “why” for each new exercise you shared with us. It really felt like yoga for the whole person – body, mind, and soul. You made it easy for me to learn the information in a way that is accessible and sustainable; that is, I feel confident that I could incorporate much of it into my day to day life. Thanks again for this great experience, Laura

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