Land Your Dream Job – 8-weeks Program

Ready to Upsize your Job Search in a thoughtful,targeted manner?

Come February, when its time to look at that job search with more intention.. Many of us set great intentions in January for our career. It feels disappointing when we are unable to keep our promises to ourselves.

All of this leaves us with a lack of purpose, and negative emotions wash over thinking its impossible to ever land that dream job. I empathize, I’ve been there. Its challenging to lift ourselves up and get going when the inner voice spirals us downward & away from our goals. Perhaps you’re also coming to dejection after experiencing rejection.
I’m here to say that rejection is not the end of the world. There is hope and I am here as your coach to guide you support you & hold you accountable as you meet your heart’s calling of finding your dream job. The one that pays your bills, that helps you with your lifestyle and simply fulfils you in your self expression.

If you’re looking to move away from dejection and strive for that job search with renewed energy and a systematic guided approach, you’ve come to the right place.

Introducing the first ever ‘find your dream job program : an 8-week group coaching program to build your skills to find your dream job, march 2-April 20.

A virtual 8-week group coaching program designed to help you
  • Overcome overwhelm when it comes to a balanced approach to find your dream job
  • Create a consistent job search & planning routine that fits in with your daily life & schedule
  • Discover new techniques to help you on your search
  • Learn how to leave negative thoughts of being discouraged as a new immigrant in the past & strive to the present & future with renewed vigor
  • Gain a new found confidence in yourself as you rebrand yourself and observe the impact it has on your search
By the end of this program you will
  • Know yourself well enough to rebrand yourself on social media in a way that invites job offers & makes you stand out from the crowd
  • Have a repertoire of successful business examples to tackle any online application/interview
  • Learn how to leave negativity in the past & focus on bringing light to your best skills (and that can only happen when you know yourself well)
  • Create a brand new mindset around job searches with targeted approaches to hiring industries and social media
  • Get your foot in the door for interviews
In just 8 weeks you will learn
  • How to transition your search from the standard random search to a structured successful one
  • Why we don’t look at at where the job market is at, what you should be looking at instead
  • How to brand yourself in your job search because who we show up as in public matters
  • Just how uncomplicated it is to know yourself first and then tackle the search from that vantage point
  • How to negotiate for what you want in communications prior to and during the hiring process. And yes, negotiating for what you want starts even before you hit the interview desk
  • How to set conditions for success so that you position yourself in a way that sets you apart in the interview process
What’s it like to work with me as your Life Coach

With my experience of teaching, coaching and mentoring for over 35 years, working in the UN, SAS Institute, to name a few organizations, and with my own personal experience of entering this country as a newly married immigrant, facing challenges which made me leave home & strike it out on my own to manifest my dream job & regain confidence, I am here to share my knowledge, skillset & above all experience to help you achieve maximum success in 8 weeks.

During these 8 weeks, you will be connecting with me Live and others struggling with landing work to set the stage for inevitable success in your job search.

Space is limited, so I invite you to secure your spot today.

Here is what a past client had to say

“I want to thank Charu, my guiding light who helped me when I was trying to land work! . Vidhi Dave, Dentist
I’ve always done well academically, but faced challenges when I moved to Canada from the US. I had a hard time finding a job and during that phase I understood I had started doubting whether I would ever land work. I was not able to stay determined and I had no routine. Charu helped me to get into a routine and coached me every week for 12 weeks where she provided anchoring techniques & useful pointers to stay on track & build self confidence. Within 10 weeks of starting the program with her, I was able to land not 1 but 2 job offers from reputable organizations in my niche area.

So what does your one-time investment of $300 include?
  • An 8-week program that focuses on your Job Search creating consistent habits
  • Eight weekly group coaching zoom calls, with replay access. Calls happen each week on Wednesday at 7:15, for approx. 30-40 mins.
  • Resources including new habit integration methods, personality tests, journal/reflection prompts, tips and “how to” guides
  • Access to a private Facebook group for enhanced connection beyond our weekly calls
  • A new mindset when it comes to you and your career
This program is not for you if:
  • You want a strict and restrictive job search template that is militant to follow
  • You’re closed off to the idea of creating a new success mindset around your career and your life
  • You’re unwilling to be pushed a little bit outside your comfort zone (it’s where the personal growth happens)

Spaces in this program are limited in order to provide a safe, comfortable and intimate small group feel. Your investment of $300 is a once in a lifetime offer – this program will not be offered at this price point again, as it is the inaugural launch.

Questions? Comment below or email me directly at

Click here to sign up !


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