Valentine’s day -celebrate connection

valentine's day partner yogaValentine’s day is almost here.

It means so many things to so many people.. To some, it means an indulgence in sinful treats like dark chocolate (i’m a culprit, I confess :). To others its a frantic running around organizing a dinner date or romantic getaway with your partner. To others, its no reason to celebrate one day of love in a year.

But for me, coming from a country of many, many cultures, everyday living is a celebration. Every religion’s special holidays are celebrated universally by everyone. I was born in a hindu home, but my dad’s 2 best friends were catholic & muslim. This was a pretty common theme growing up and being exposed to all these different cultures. Every festival was unique. Even though each festival rolled around just once a year, they were different reminders to the various qualities of love. So I happily embrace valentine’s day as a reminder of love in our lives-be it from partners, friends, siblings, children, grandchildren.

What valentine’s day really means to me is connection. I’m so excited to add one more celebration to my growing list. Valentine’s day with its emphasis on love and especially romantic love touches all of us to our deepest inner core. In yoga, romantic love is worshipped and revered.. Its connecting with our romantic partner that we feel our connection to the source of all love, the divine. its when we feel whole & complete.

When I asked a child in my partner yoga class why she comes to class, her innocent response was ‘I want to feel more connected to my grandmother‘. Isn’t that the best reason to celebrate valentine’s day, even if you are not a materialistic kind of person 🙂

To celebrate this fun festival, I’ll be teaching 2 partner yoga classes:

valentines day

Come join us as we celebrate connection.. come even if you don’t have a partner. We’ll find one to partner with in class. I can’t wait for valentine’s day weekend to deeply connect with my class. And I can’t wait to have you join us. To sign up, write to me at or text us on facebook




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