Bhutta – Grilled corn street food

Bhutta is luscious grilled corn street food. Make it at easily at home. Don’t forget the all important secret to smoky grilled corn lies in my special and easy-to-make spice rub.

August and September! Monsoons hit Delhi. You will have no choice but to wade through hip high water unless you are a school teacher wearing saris and long dresses.

By the way dear reader, if convents conjure up extreme hardships in your mind’s eye, please banish that thought, as in India, convent schools had a different purpose: girls were sent there to learn language, and liberal arts was their forte along with sports. Picture if you will, the missionaries who came from the west and also visualize a finishing school concept.

Delhi convent schooling had a unique concept. Girls and boys went to separate schools adjacent to each other with just a gate separating the two. And this pattern repeated itself pretty much in most convent schools in Delhi, whether it was mine, Loreto next to St. Mary’s, the boys’ school or my friends who studied at Convent of Jesus and Mary were neighbors to the next door St. Columba’s school for boys.

I will leave the rest to your imagination. But you can imagine the possibilities were endless, either in going to optional mass or in catching the Saturday bus which was a combined bus trip for both girls and boys.

Upwards of grade 7, my parents decided that my sister & I needed to have good language skills. Mostly on my mom’s prompting my sister & I were sent to study in Loreto convent. Associated with the sisters of Loreto, a Roman Catholic dominion, we had a cheery Irish nun for a principal who smiled  a lot.

Grade 7 school year in Loreto started with the monsoon season in full swing. As we girls piled out of our school bus, a little drenched and muddy to be sure, but without a care, the teachers had to look pro. And so staff had school desks brought out and to our delight, the teachers stepped gingerly on them, lifting up their petticoats to walk up to the front door of my school. Some of the easy going teachers winked as they saw us smile, while other haughty ones pulled themselves to their tallest height, squared their shoulders and walked gingerly across in their high heels, while we tried our best to hide our giggles.

Along with rains came roasted corn or bhutta. Like the plentiful corn harvest all over North America. Top secret to get this juicy corn to come alive lies in the spice rub trio that I used – fresh lime, raw cane sugar, paprika, black salt add a nice flavor burst to bhutta

Bhutta spice rub

½ tsp paprika
½ tsp raw cane sugar
½ tsp Indian black salt
2 fresh lime halves

Mix all the spices except the lime.

Place corn on flame. Turn the corn occasionally, until the husks are completely blackened and charred on all sides, about 15 to 20 minutes. Don’t be afraid of the corn popping, it’s what will make your corn ultra delicious Remove from grill.Dip a lime halve in the spice mix &and rub on the charred corn, taking care to squeeze the lime to bring the tart flavor into the mix. Dip lightly if you like a mildly spiced bhutta and dip heavy if you prefer a heartier spice.

You might forget microwave is a thing, when you make you try bhutta with this yummy spice rub!


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