Field greens mung beans with coconut curry


Just back from a yoga teacher training course. Intense 4 weeks of studying philosophy, anatomy, physiology, bhagavad geeta, chanting, practicing asanas, doing karma yoga(service). And best of all hanging out with 72 other fun loving yogis. A luxury to immerse myself in yoga with no household chores to do.

Yoga camp food is satvic. That means no onions and garlic and of course no meat! All these foods are avoided for several reasons which I’ll tell you about in another post. I missed cooking so much and missed spinach so much that on my home back from work today, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up baby spinach. But since they didn’t have any, I settled for field greens. Why? You might ask. The peppery taste of arugula in my workplace terrace garden was fresh in my mouth from this afternoon.

This recipe is Simplicity at its best – fresh field greens, coconut, and yes, I included red onions, but feel free to skip onions. This was heaven in my mouth. I believe you will agree when you try it out.

2 cups loosely packed field greens
½ cup chopped red onions
¼ cup yellow mung beans
½ tsp lemon juice
Spice Garnish
½ tsp minced fresh ginger
2 tbsp grated coconut
¼ tsp cumin seeds
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 tsp curry leaves
2 dry red chilies
1 tsp urad dal
Pinch hing
Salt to taste

• Wash yellow moong beans thoroughly. Soak in fresh water and keep aside while prepping remaining vegetables.
• Chop onions and finely mince ginger. Set aside.
• Wash and cut field greens coarsely.
• Heat frying pan. Add coconut oil, then cumin seeds and dry red chillies. Then quickly toss in curry leaves and ginger, hing. Saute lightly.
• Add onions and saute till cooked.
• Drain the moong beans and add to pan. Add ½ cup water and let the moong beans cook till water is completely absorbed.
• Add in the chopped field greens and saute lightly.
• Stir in coconut and squeeze ½ tsp fresh lemon juice. Add salt to taste.
• Serve with steamed brown rice and some sweet potato home fries. The slightly peppery taste of field greens is balanced nicely by the sweetness of the sweet potatoes. Not to mention the health kick from sweet potatoes with tons of beta carotene. In addition the texture is a awesome foil to the field greens.

When I went to the yoga camp to study for yoga teacher training I had no idea what to expect. I went there without any expectations other than my memories of a beautiful ashram created by swami vishnudevenanda. Early this year I had 3 strong desires to learn so that I could share with others. These were in no particular order:
1. To study anatomy & physiology – check 
2. Study relaxation techniques
3. To connect with my yoga lineage – check
My first dream came true in april when I had the awesome chance to study anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff. I’m always awed when my dreams come true 🙂

Connecting with my lineage has been a strong desire for a while now. Having a guru is very important to me as I seem to have an emotional side that appreciates guidance. Having a guru also makes things easier on the spiritual path. Like so many others I’ve learnt from many masters, both formally and informally, I feel its time to follow a single master now. It was no surprise that the yoga ashram with which I connected, Swami Sivananda, where I’ve been going for retreats in the Bahamas for the past few years was the one I was destined to follow! 

See how nicely the master sums up the idea of karma yoga(or service)


Bonus dream comes true! I had always wanted to have a community of like minded yogis to share and learn from and this desire was fulfilled beautifully. I studied with 72 other students during my yoga training. 

I loved marrying the sweetness of coconut with the peppery taste of field greens. Plus mung beans add the much needed protein touch for a vegetarian. and double bonus, you need very little dry mung beans. Why? Well they swell when they are soaked in water. Cooking lets them swell some more. I love love being thrifty in my cooking. Making the tastiest food possible with the least amount of effort, minimum ingredients, minimum fuss, high on flavour & nutrition–the entire meal took me less than 1/2 hour from start to finish to prepare. Delicious field greens with mung beans and coconut, hope you enjoy it.. Do comment below on how you enjoyed it.. I would love to hear from you.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. veganneeds says:

    this looks too good 🙂 I have to make it, thanks so much for sharing …just started following you, I have a vegan recipe/lifestyle & Cruelty-free beauty Blog as well,
    so glad I found your blog & Happy to connect with you 🙂

    1. CharuYoga says:

      Thanks so much for finding me. yes this is a really simple & quick recipe ☺ do try it out. I’m going to follow you too. always good to find more vegans sharing cruelty free ideas.

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