Touched by angels


I’m a changed person.

I just had a visitation from angels. They came, brought a whole wealth of abundance, kept me in high spirits 🙂 well spirits would do that right! And then they left just as simply as they arrived. On to 3 more friends to distribute their wealth with them.

Is this true? I keep revisiting their visit mostly because of the energy that I felt when they were here. I felt completely free, completely fear free, completely alive and fully expressed in everything. No worries, no tension, no future thought projections. Just simply kept doing my work every single day of those 5 days. Miracle after miracle happened in those 5 days.

I guess I had manifested them in my life. I’ve been drawn towards angels unconsciously over the past few weeks. Then I get a note from a friend asking if I would like an angel visitation. No idea what that meant! Didn’t even take this friend seriously. I barely knew her and here she was distributing angel goodness!

Of course I said YES! Angels are too compelling. And Who would ever pass up an opportunity to interact with the divine, to have the divine in their home as their guest, to have the divine provide advice and insights that are always in the highest good. Free of tension & worry, free of operating from the small ego, but able to work as an instrument of the divine. This was a spectacular 5 days in my humble opinion. You dear reader might be tempted to think otherwise. But the sequence of events that happened in these 5 days has me convinced that these were no ordinary days.

First the preparation. I had to clean home as If I was inviting 5 special guests home. Their names are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel and Métatron. The only other special preparation was getting ready with questions I had, doubts about taking a certain action and asking the angels for guidance. Angels are messengers of the divine so they are able to answer our questions with ease, if we can get very silent to listen to them. The other real preparation was
1. getting a candle that would burn for the duration of their stay
2. an apple and a white flower20150602_221342
3. writing out 3 wishes on a sheet of paper, one for me, one for my family and one for the universe


On the expected day I was to invite them with welcoming words. On the night I was expecting them, I decided to meditate late night which is pretty unusual for me. But I felt it would create the necessary purity for these super-pure angels to stay at home for a visit. After all they are used to super-charged realms of consciousness. So its only natural that I try to create a rarified energy level in my home for them.

During my meditation I felt a rush of air, and was enveloped softly as if in a soft blanket. This was a very different type of air, it felt clean, rare and very, very pure. No way, they can’t have arrived I thought to myself. Its only 10:30 and I was expecting them home at 10:45 pm according to the letter. I finished meditation and as the clock struck 10:45 opened the door and smiling to myself, thinking how foolish I must look saying “dear angels, welcome to my home”.

After welcoming them in I went to my laptop to check remaining instructions. And guess what? Their arrival time was actually 10:30 pm. I’m sure it comes as no surprise. That’s what I felt at 10:30. I felt a bit sad that I missed inviting them in. But very happy that they felt so comfortable that they just rushed in with their powerful energy.

If you’re wondering what this is all about, here is my take:
In the world of energy, angels are considered to be messengers of God.
In the world of physics, everything is energy. We are all living in a field of energy.

Maharishi Mahesh yogi, a quantum physicist who brought the technique of transcendental meditation to the world explained it so clearly:

In the science of consciousness validated by the latest quantum field theories, the field of consciousness is defined as one underlying and completely unified field of pure intelligence that is the source of the entire natural world —an abstract, nonmaterial field of that can be directly contacted (and experienced) by the human mind.

What that means is that there is a field of pure intelligence that is all around us. And we can tap into that energetic field through practices of yoga and meditation. So that we can raise our energetic vibration to a much higher state. Why is this state attractive? Because as we raise our vibrational frequency we begin to operate at the frequency of the universe. The universe operates with enormous abundance and barely any errors. She has her seasons come and go, sun rises and sets every day.. etc. you know that already.

And when we are tapped into this infinite intelligence of the universe, lots of what we call coincidences happen. They are also what we call synchronicities or manifestations. Things happen spontaneously, almost magically. Here is all the abundance I experienced during those 5 days:

  1. I started my 21-day get ‘fit’ sas challenge to help those looking for SAS work
  2. I taught yoga in the park to 20 vegans and managed to cook an amazing meal to nourish them post-yoga class.
  3. I had no fear about tackling these 2 pretty big projects
  4. I co-taught a very difficult course called DS2, a new language in SAS that combines SAS with SQL without getting intimidated by this vast topic.
  5. I taught a great yoga class where everyone was completely in sync on Friday
  6. I made some amazing new friends, who are all like-minded, but have different personalities so it keep things interesting. They like to have fun, but also believe In helping others and giving back to community
  7.  I connected with some awesome people who I can now hang out with Saturdays or other times when I feel like partying 🙂

And the list is pretty endless. I was in a euphoric state. A state athletes call the zone, where my work just flowed effortlessly, seamlessly. Whatever I wanted to do happened. Whatever I needed to do happened. When I reached out for help, a friend came over to help me cook. There was no confusion, just a lot of beauty & grace in how my life flowed in those 5 days.

I believe that the angels are messengers for the infinite intelligence of the universe. They carry her energy with them and positively impact whatever they touch. I felt sad when they left as if a very dear friend has left me. However I know now that I can call upon them anytime I wish. What we call angels, the science of yoga or quantum physics calls the unified field. I know can access the power of the universe to have that constant source of strength & intelligence right within me through my meditation and yoga practice.

My yoga teaching has changed subtly now. With my new born experience I want to share this energetic field with others and help them reach these elevated states of consciousness. I know its possible and I know what it does. I think higher is the only way to go 🙂 if we want to evolve as human beings. (I’m sure you will agree with this thought even if you don’t believe in the concept of angels)

As I was sharing my experience over lunch with my co-worker, she nodded and said she often wondered how it is that she was thinking of someone and immediately she gets a phone call from them. That’s the synchronicity of the universe, when we are tapped into that field, we get what we ask for.. but why don’t we get everything we ask for. Ah! That’s a whole other topic I’ll share in another post.

I cut up some fruit and kept it for them 🙂 As you can tell, I had a lot of fun with my angels.


I’m so grateful to have had this angelic experience. Have you ever been touched by an angel, maybe a friend in the form of an angel or a stranger? I’d love to hear how.



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  1. mohideen ibramsha says:

    Dear Charu,                   June 11, 2015; Good Forever. Yes Angeles are real. They do come to earth on orders from God to perform specific deeds. It is part of our faith. === The word(s) “angel” appears 100 time(s) in 95 verse(s) in Quran in Abdullah Yusuf Ali translation. ===Please visit the above URL and read and enjoy. May God increase your happiness every day. Your uncle, Mohideen Ibramsha Was Salaam =================

    1. CharuYoga says:

      Thanks so much uncle. I didn’t know they appeared that many times. I will definitely look at the link you sent me. With love..

  2. Hi Charu, Happy for you that Angels gave you a visit. It definitely must be an awesome experience.

    1. CharuYoga says:

      oh yes! it was Shahleen..unforgettable 🙂 I want them back now..thanks for your wishes..

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