Prana green salad


Everything is green in this salad. It has PrANA or life giving energy. Its suddenly become so warm in Mississauga. My entire home and yard are filled with fresh prana.. . Spring is time for renewal.. Now after the cold long winter, with sun streaming through my whole house, I had to make a salad to celebrate this prana.

I wanted to make a salad that would make anyone eating it come alive. What would it be?

harvested_mung_bean_01Sprouts, of course. But remember anything that good, that life-filled comes with a little amount of labor. Try not to go store bought if you can. All you have to do to have do is soak moong beans overnight. The next morning drain and sprouting will begin. When you eat this salad you are bringing life energy into your body to awaken every cell. Apsara yoga is definitely about being fit in your body, but we also believe that you do this by nourishing your body with fresh nourishing foods, bursting with flavour that make you come alive.

The icing on the cake is sustainability. Such a buzz word. But look, don’t I do it every day, in the way I cook? This salad for example..1 cup of moong beans, when soaked gave me 3 cups of sprouted beans.. Sustainability is all about cooking low tech-soaking beans in water, using minimal packaged foods-no stunningly beautiful is that. 3 cups of prana will go a long way to satisfying my guests tonight.

1 cup raw green moong beans
½ cup fresh cilantro chopped
½ cup green olives, drained
2 cups cubed cucumber
Spice Garnish
½ tsp green chili sliced thinly
Juice of 2 green limes/lemons
1 tbsp mustard seeds
1 tbsp sesame seeds
1 tbsp curry leaves
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 tsp urad dal
Pinch hing
Salt to taste

• Wash green moong beans and soak in 2 cups water overnight.images

• Next morning see the surprise awaiting you. Beans would have doubled in size and will continue to grow.

apsara tip some moong beans just won’t swell. they remain hard. To prevent too much of a crunch, take the time to sift out these hard beans that simply refuse to grow. Or if you like you can cook the beans, to skip sifting. but then it won’t be a prana salad anymore once cooked 🙂 your choice..see the red line I drew connecting 2 moong beans, these are the stubborn ones that refused to grow 🙂 that I threw out.


• Rinse beans, drain and cover with wet cloth to continue growing process.

• Wash, peel and cube cucumber. Set aside. Slice olives if you didn’t buy already sliced. I had to slice as mine were whole. Toss cucumber, olives, fresh cilantro with moong beans. Set bowl aside.20150524_132922

• In frying pan, heat oil, then add mustard seeds. When they splutter add green chili, hing and curry leaves. Saute to remove extra heat from chillies. Toss in sesame seeds and remove from fire.

• Pour the spice garnish over salad. Add in lime/lemon juice and salt to taste. Apsara tip Remember olives are already salty. So go easy on salt.

• What do you need to serve it with. Just itself! This would be the most complete spring salad you ever ate. Fresh, filled with prana life giving energy, nourishing and tasty!20150524_141743

Dear reader, did you enjoy this post.? Do you believe we can save our planet from global warming with small baby steps at home. Can you then share my blog post and others like mine on your facebook page, or whatever social media you use with your circles..Are we able to encourage me & others like me to continue to share sustainability practices. Can we begin to encourage others to taste plant food and find that its not lacking taste, substance or nutrition? Can we begin to share posts like mine to encourage the value of going meatless even if its only 1 day a week. If you liked this post, please comment and do share with friends and family.



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