Many layers of indian vegetarian cooking and my food handler certificate

‘Ooh, What’s that appetising smell’?, asked my coworker as she walked into the staff lobby at lunchtime. ‘I knew its your lunch rightaway. What do you have? OMG its so, so fragrant’, she said as she peered into my Tupperware.

That’s a pretty awesome segway into today’s women’s day post. My coworker is not alone in loving Indian food. Everyone just loves the special spices that go into Indian food. When its lovingly home cooked, it takes food up a notch. Once you’ve eaten a home cooked Indian meal, life will never be the same again 🙂 There is a lot of magic happening. I’ll try to break it down just a wee bit in my post today.

The main ingredient is
rasa (Sanskrit: रस lit. ‘juice’ or ‘essence’)

Rasa is juice that appeals to every sense. Really, really top notch Indian vegetarian food takes it one step further. Beyond juice, it uses colour artistically. It layers foods in interesting combinations, never repeating the same flavour twice in a meal. My lunch today that my coworker was raving about WAS juicy.

I made garlic cabbage tomato curry, ginger black eyed beans with mustard seeds and shredded coconut. I served it with basmati rice pulao sautéed with green beans and this very special spice.. gives it a smoky flavour. Hint, you can see it in the pix above, in the pulao 🙂 If you guess right, I have a giveaway. If you live in the Greater Toronto area, I’m giving away a complementary yoga class. Check the side bar for locations. And If you live outside, I will mail you a treat.

I received this lovely surprise in the mail. My food handler certificate has arrived. I passed the exam and am now certified.


Don’t you like the wording on the letter. I’ve been cooking now for over 30 years.


I guess the signs are clear now. Its time to share my knowledge with everyone. I’ve been doing that though my catering to friends and coworkers who simply can’t get enough of the tasty vegetarian/vegan meals I bring them. I’ve been blogging about my recipes. Often they are unique as I take ancient secret recipes. Add a modern healthy twist to them. I’ve been asked to teach cooking lessons to american friends. Will do that next. I’m really excited about my food handler certificate. Can’t wait to share my knowledge with you all. Tell, me what would you like to hear more of from me.



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