The #1 reason to visit an ashram

god is many
1.  Is it the freshly prepared, mostly organic, vegan food?
2. Could it be the hot singles you meet on the beach, if your ashram is on the ocean like mine is?
3. Could it be the really, really cheap room rate that makes it a cut above the all-inclusive resorts?
4. Could it be the proximity to the atlantis so you can party heavy all night long and oh-by-way pick up some girls/guys while you are at it?

Its actually none of the above. If you are truly interested in the #1 reason to visit an ashram then read on.

Yes dear reader, there’s more to it. Ashrams are an amazing place to connect your mind, body and soul. It’s the one place where you make a deep connection to yourself. And you also get away from the spinning material world, for maybe a few days or weeks, depending on how long you plan to stay.

The single most important, the only reason the # 1 reason ashrams were created was for people to disconnect from the constant chasing of material desires. To connect mind, body and soul. To take a break from the material and reconnect with our true essence, the spiritual. This connection to the spiritual lets us understand that we are all part of the whole world. And that we are all interconnected, to nature, to each other. When we become close to our natural self and are in tune with nature and her laws, we operate at a high frequency. We get to be more in touch with ourselves.

thought, word and deed
As we experience spiritual growth, we speak what we think, we do what we say. The 3, thought, word and deed line up. This is such a beautiful thing to see in others, and even more beautiful when we see it realized in ourselves. We become more attractive and others are drawn to our energy, our strength, the purposeful and joyful way in which we lead life..without fear, without inhibition. But its not a la la free spirited way of life without purpose.

Innocence & wisdom
Life becomes innocent, every moment is experienced fully, innocently like a child .. a joy as if its the first time. Along with increasing our innocence, our wisdom also increases. We realize our actions have impacts on others, and do our best to operate at nature’s vibrational frequency. Not hurting anyone with our actions. Being gentle and loving with the environment, with others, with ourselves.

High vibrational energy
Along with an increased sense of purpose, innocence, joy and wisdom, we are packed, simpIMG_4875ly charged with a high vibrational energy in an ashram visit. This helps us hugely in our return back to the material life. The hope that the spiritual masters had, was that this high charge that we gathered would help us when we are back in the world. It would help us make decisions with a clearer mind, it would help us simplify life, and lead life with renewed purpose, interest and joy!!

Hope you enjoyed reading my #1 reason for visiting an ashram. Feel free to add yours in the comments section.. In the next post I hope to share my suggestions for optimizing your ashram visit and at the end, I’ll just share what it is. That the spiritual masters suggest we learn from ashrams.

–charu yoga–


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