Monday Delhi Detox


E10155721_1492515177629971_7028454109076267073_nvery Monday was fast day while I was in Delhi. I had no idea of the mind body benefits then. It was just a thing all the women did, & I joined in.

Since I’ve restarted my delhi detox, I’ve had everyone I meet want to be part of it 🙂 .

Several friends commented on my increased energy levels & fit body.

I thought I’d share how I felt when I ended my Monday fast :

· Improved energy levels during the day
· No fatigue even though I ate no carbs
· Light amount of hunger, nothing like the huge hunger I feel every day for dinner
· Slept well at night
· Didn’t’ fight with my mom 
· Clear breathing
· Flatter belly 
· Able to do yoga at 10 pm at night without complaining that I needed to sleep.

I’d also like to invite you to fast with me on Mondays, starting coming Monday.

Want to join my Monday fast-Delhi style, For easy posts, I’ve created a facebook page. Head over & like it.

.. You’ll find HOW-TO.. Yesterday was the first of the series. Super easy to do…and major benefits…

Btw, its not a complete fast.. its a partial fast till sunset..

See you at next monday’s delhi detox.. looking forward to having you join in..


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