Allahabad Pumpkin

20140108_215918Succulent pumpkin, prepared with just 5 spices. That’s how simple it gets. This is PURE LOVE!!! I’m sure you’ll agree when you try it out. While working in the UNESCO office in New Delhi, my coworker & friend Rekha would bring this to lunch. And share her lunch with me, while she tried my south Indian food. This was the most luscious pumpkin I’ve ever had, and here’s my attempt to recreate using minimal ingredients.

4 cups cubed pumpkinServes 2
Spice Mix
½ tsp turmeric powder
2 kashmiri dry red chillies, broken in half
¼ tsp onion seeds(kalonji in hindi)
¼ tsp fenugreek seeds
½ tsp mustard seeds
¼ tsp fennel seeeds
¼ tsp cumin seeds
10 curry leaves
Pinch hing

1 tbsp coconut oil

• Wash and peel pumpkin. Cut into 1.5” cubes. Set aside.

• Heat oil in pan.

• Add spice mix. When mustard seeds splutter, add pumpkin to the pan. I used kashmiri chilli as its less spicy, and adds just that hint of heat. Its easily available in east Indian grocery stores in Mississauga. My mom is always surprised when she asks me what to bring from India, and I tell her nothing.. we get everything here. Feel free to use any other kind of red chili that is locally available.

• Add salt & cook on low heat with pan covered.

• In about 10 minutes pumpkin will have cooked and be deliciously stringy.

• Remove from heat.

• Typically served with puri(deep fired bread). I served it hot with chapatti.

Pumpkin or kaddu in Hindi is considered a very auspicious vegetable. Its prepared during fasts, thanksgiving and prayers. Its considered very sattvic, meaning it has high nourishing qualities, plus its so tasty. .I’m sure you’ll find yourself reaching for this recipe again & again.


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